6-1 Modular Sectional Couch

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The Duobed Sectional Sleeper is perfect for dorms, studio apartments, kids rooms, dens, and offices. With comfort and versatility, the possibilities are endless. Easily arrange the pieces as a king-size bed, twin beds, sofas, chairs or chaise lounges so you can sit by day, sleep by night. That's more furniture for less money. The ottoman top opens to reveal convenient storage space.
What's Included:      
(5) 30" Ottomans or 36" Ottomans
(4) 36" Sofa Back Pillows
(4) Back supports

Each 30" ottoman = 30” x 30” x 18”
2 ottomans = 30” x 60”  Sofa
4 ottomans = 60” x 60” sectional 

Each 36" Ottoman  = 36” x 36” x 18”
2 ottomans = 36” x 72”  Sofa
4 ottomans = 72” x 72” sectional / king bed

Add on more pieces:

Padded Arms

Corner Pillow

See our Pieces and Pillows page for more options.

* For more colors see our fabrics page

Customer Reviews

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Quick mention of my pleasure in owning a DuoBed product. Noteworthy durability and comfort. BTW elegant color choices to easily complement room aesthetics. While the look is certainly a big selling point, the comfort level is phenomenal, with supportive and breathable fabric and cushions that create a nice pressure relieving cradle with a definitive push-back for increased overall support.
You can easily use for a perfect marriage of pragmatic utility and a refined aesthetic. I am a huge fan!

nice and comfortable

Like the product very much. Bringing the family together. The only downside is that the corners start to wrinkle from people resting thier feet after just a few weeks. Pros: Great vaue. No assembly required. Cons: Would like more color options.