"DuoBed is amazing if you have a small space or a home office and need a place to sit and sleep.  DuoBed is the answer.  Duobed is a chair, a sofa, a bed, and a huge storage ottoman."   ~ Eclectic Evelyn
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"I guess I should have researched this ottoman more before I purchasing it. All I knew was that it was the size, style and color that wanted. After ordering it I realized that this ottoman is part of a whole system of modular furniture. I can purchase additional pieces and transform this ottoman into a chair, sofa, or even a bed for when I have guests. How cool is that?!!! Meanwhile, I am very happy with this piece. I'm awaiting the arrival of a new sofa, so I've been sitting on it in the meantime. It is firm, but comfortable. Seems like great quality and durable. I'll definitely be buying more of these."  ~ Danielle Cervantes

"This is a solid, well-built piece of furniture. The color is slightly redder than the photograph, but overall the photo is a good representation. There was no assembly required and the storage space is great. It pops next to my brown sofa and loveseat and is very space efficient. I am very happy with my purchase. One improvement needed - I plan to add slides to the feet to make it easier to move. It's heavy."  ~ Susan Banks
"My Duobed arrived yesterday and I am exceptionally pleased!It is exactly what I expected and needed! I recently moved into a smaller house, and my guest rooms are smaller than my previous home. One of them doubles as an office, and this became the problem to provide good, comfortably sleeping arrangements yet maintain the function of my office, Having slept on a few conventional sofa beds I know they are always uncomfortable. I searched for quite a while and finally found Duobed! I choose the blue King Sleeper which is a rich, warm color. They were easily set up, and are VERY comfortable. I just had my first overnight guest who reported that the bed is great! It is just the right amount of firmness for a great nights sleep, and is also very comfortable chair. When I'm not expecting guests, I remove one ottoman and put it in the living room as and extra seat, and leave the other 3 in the office as a great couch! Very versatile!In fact Im thinking of buying an additional back cushion and support arm to turn one of the ottomans into a chair! Fantastic product!"  ~ Devin C