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Who we are ?

Duobed is an American furniture manufacturing company with a new concept, designed for today's lifestyle with comfort and style, maximizing your space and minimizing your cost.Our modular multifunctional furniture system easily converts chairs, sofas and sectionals; to beds (Twin or King), chaises, the possibilities are endless.We can customize the fabric, cushion firmness, and even the dimensions to meet your needs.Duobed is ideal for family and visitor seating in Hospitals, Hotels, Offices, Government and Student Housing, your home -- anywhere people need to sit and sleep.

The design and quality of duobed furniture is amazing!

We offer the most flexible and useful furniture for your domestic and official use. The multi-functional design makes it diversely usable!

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Professional Team

Our experts pick out proper color, size, finish and fabric to bring out the best quality product with innovative and awesome designs. They have a highly professional approach towards their responsibilities to achieve targets and meet the deadlines.

High Quality Product

Quality assurance is our prime motive. We believe in delivering better product and service to the customers. The material and equipments, we use are of the best quality. We offer many unparalleled and high-quality products in our collection. It also makes our product durable and usable for a long time.

Elegant Design

The furniture design of our company offers a great aesthetics. The elegance in the design of all our creations is the USP for the customer choice. It serves the comfort requirements in the perfect sense. Thus, it comes true to customer’s satisfaction.

Profitable Features

This is most noteworthy aspect of our furniture design. Storage, one of the most profitable features, also present in most routine household items. You can use the multi-functional furniture in a significant manner as per your choice and location.

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The multi-functional approach is just to keep the furniture more user-friendly. You can choose to twist into the furniture of ...